Our team of Litigation Attorneys are experts in various areas of Law ensuring our clients are offered the best legal advice in each scenario.
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What started as a Bedfordview Attorney we now have more than 20 professionals in a variety of legal areas in various jurisdictions of South Africa.

Areas of Law

Commercial And Corporate Law

We pride ourselves in our expertise and passion for the areas of Commercial Law. We cater to serve the unique requirements of each client.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. Formation of companies and close corporations
  2. Acquisition and sale of companies and close corporations
  3. Liquidation and insolvency applications
  4. Business Rescue applications
  5. Memorandums of Incorporation and Shareholders Agreements in terms of the new Companies Act
  6. Trust formation and servicing
  7. Joint Venture Agreements
  8. Lease Agreements
  9. Association Agreements
  10. Partnership Agreements
  11. Franchise Agreements;
  12. Credit Screening and ITC listings
  13. Other commercial Agreements
  14. BEE Transactions
  15. Arbitrations
  16. Mediation
  17. Company Secretarial
  18. Training
Family Law

We take great pride in the personal relationships we establish with our clients. Family Law requires much dedication and personal commitment to the client and their specific needs.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. Divorce litigation & Settlement Agreements;
  2. Ante-nuptial Contracts
  3. Maintenance and Family Court litigation
  4. Domestic partnerships
  5. Guardianship
  6. Care and control of minor children
  7. Domestic violence Interdicts
  8. Harassment Interdicts
  9. Wills and estates
  10. Rights of contact to minor children
  11. Parental rights and responsibilities
  12. Adoptions
  13. Weddings
  14. Estate Planning
  15. Relocations
  16. Mediations
  17. Conciliation
  18. Co-habitation Agreements
General Litigation & Taxation

We take great pride in our track record with regard to obtaining satisfactory outcomes for our clients in litigation matters, including taxations. Running a successful litigation practice involves a true understanding of the Law and practical knowledge of the powers and rules of Court. We have longstanding relationships with the advocates that we select to argue matters. The selection criteria is based on years of experience and their specialty within each field of Law. We adopt a holistic approach to litigation and we will always provide the client with the advice best suited to the circumstances. We pride ourselves in ensuring that we advise our clients of all the various options available to them and we dedicate ourselves to achieving both a satisfactory outcome and cost-effective solution in terms of both time and money.

Media Law

Our vast media experience has allowed our firm to successfully service the Newspaper Division of the biggest Media house in South Africa for over 15 years. We currently service two national newspaper publications. We have the necessary expertise and experience to handle any media related matter.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. Defamation litigation
  2. Press Council complaints (newspapers)
  3. BCCSA complaints (radio & television)
  4. Print, visual, social and electronic media
  5. Press releases
  6. Media Law courses
  7. All media related queries
  8. Damages claims
Criminal Law

We possess criminal expertise which allows us to act for our clients in criminal matters both in the Magistrates Court and in the High Court.

Labour Law

With a truly unique labour market and labour related problems, South African Labour Law requires a high level of skill and dedication. Our firm has the necessary expertise to address any labour related matter.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. All aspects of individual Labour Law
  2. All aspects of collective Labour Law
  3. Drafting of any labour related Agreements/documents
  4. Employment Contracts
  5. Labour dispute resolution
  6. The chairing/defending/prosecuting of disciplinary hearings
  7. CCMA & Labour Court applications and trials
  8. Restraint of Trade
  9. Confidentiality Agreements
Debt Collection Matters

We provide Debt Collection services to individuals and companies, from serving a letter of demand, drafting an Acknowledgement of Debt to Magistrate Court and High Court litigation. We also provide advice on the National Credit Act and the Consumer Protection Act.

Areas of expertise include:

  1. Letters of demand
  2. Drafting of Acknowledgements of Debt
  3. Advice on the National Credit Act
  4. Magistrate and High Court litigation
  5. Debt Counselling
  6. Business Rescue
  7. The Consumer Protection Act
  8. Black listings
  9. Rescissions of Judgments
Acting As Correspondents Of Record

Our offices facilitate acting as correspondents for other law firms from around South Africa. As a result of our four well positioned locations, our firm is able to cover numerous jurisdictions of various Courts throughout Johannesburg, Alberton, Kempton Park and Cape Town. We are well equipped to handle any correspondent requirements timeously and have successfully done so for numerous firms.

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